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Two communities share the name Norway House: Norway House Cree Nation and the adjacent non-treaty community of Norway House. Information within this website relates to the non-treaty community unless otherwise noted.

The community of Norway House is located on the east channel of the Nelson River, approximately 29 kms North of Lake Winnipeg. PR #373 serves as an all weather road connecting Norway House to Jenpeg and then onto PR #6. By air, Norway House is 456 kms North of Winnipeg, 208 kms East of The Pas, and 190 kms South of Thompson. All internal community roads are paved.

One of the original Hudson's Bay Trading Posts from the fur trading days, the community was recognized by the Department of Northern Affairs in 1970. Today it is governed by a mayor and council under The Northern Affairs Act.

Economic Overview

The terrain, which currently severely limits economic opportunity, is primarily a granite base with little or no soil cover. Large areas are marshy and there are many small creeks, streams and rivers. Several small lakes lie in the nearby area, and much of the water-ways are dotted with Islands.

Commercial fishing is conducted throughout the year. Fishers deliver their catch to the Play Green Point and Whisky Jack fish stations.

Other factors in the economy are trapping and local services, as Norway House is a regional centre. Trapping occurs in the Norway House registered Trap Line Zone.

Wild Rice has been seeded in shallow lakes east of Norway House.

Continuing its history as a regional centre, Norway House is also a transportation centre with air carriers flying in all directions.


Norway House was the crossroads of the northern transport network of the Hudson’s bay Company during the 19th century. Three structures – The Archway Warehouse, Jail and Powder Magazine survive as tangible reminders of the importance of this place in western British North America.

The ArchwayThe Archway Warehouse, built in 1840-1841, is the oldest surviving Red River frame warehouse in western Canada and is Manitoba’s oldest log edifice on its original site.

The JailThe Jail erected in 1855-56 is the oldest extend lockup in the province. Earlier wooden structures at Upper Fort Garry and York Factory have been demolished.

The Powder MagazineThe Powder Magazine, erected in 1837-38, was first built of stone in Manitoba. Though now in ruins, its style of architecture was notable for the use of cut limestone corner blocks and lintels usually found on more sophisticated buildings. These stones were quarried near Lower Fort Garry.


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